Project manager by day, caffeine-induced blogger/creative jack-of-all-trades by night, one could describe me as an intriguing mixture of a rebellious, artsy, wandering soul with a good girl responsible attitude. The eclectic range of interests are both a blessing (so much to learn) and a curse (so little time).
Apart from 1’s and 0’s (a.k.a: nerd speak) I’m also comfortable with English, Dutch and Japanese.
In my spare time you can find me: preaching the word of Drupal, re-adjusting everyone’s home interior, buried under a pile of books, or plowing away in my chalet’s garden. Or simply sleeping. Muchos sleepos.

My plans for the future (apart from world domination, one step at a time): become an important asset in a creative company, make the world wide web less wild wild west and more gardens of Versailles, own an orchard, be someone special in someone’s life, become a rock ‘n’ roll Mother Theresa (lol)