No anti-depressants tonight

I’ll try not to take any pills tonight. I already cried half an hour ago, so let’s see how it goes. I don’t have work tomorrow, so if I want, I can be an emotional wreck all day*. For shits and giggles.
(*OK, actually no, since I have to keep up the pretense for the parents. Ahhh, why am I not living alone…)

I noticed one improved when taking Xanax (well, apart from feeling happily numb): I can eat! And it even tastes pretty okay!

But I do realize I cannot keep on raiding my mom’s medicine cabinet without her noticing after awhile. So I’m kinda hoping they’ll prescribe some anti-anxiety pills, or sleeping pills, or whatever. Because whoever thinks I’ll be able to go through this period without something to numb thoughts and feelings is a freaking moron.

Stealing sleeping pills and lying about it, plus relying on them to get through the day: hurray, I’m turning into my grandma. *sour laugh*


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